Computer crashed a week ago so havn't been able to update anything! Borrowing one for now. 
Recent, exciting news:

Rode Martin (Gold Streaking Jet) for the first time on 10/23/10.  I wasn't planning to get on him or anything, but he seemed to be incredibly comfortable so I eased up on him, walked him around for 20 minutes in the roundpen, and got off.  I rode him again the 24th, used a D-ring snaffle and walked & trotted in the roundpen and walked outside in a paddock for a few minutes.  I won't ride him much this fall because he's still only a yearling, but I'm giving him half of November, and all of December and January off so he may be ready to start showing in WP by the summer (:

All five babies were weaned on the 23rd, and a few will be up for sale in 2011.  We've already sold one colt. We have two fillies, one I think we'll keep, the other a half-sister to Blaze (Miss America 2007), who will be a giant like her sister.  We also have a palomino colt and a palomino QH/Halflinger colt. All the broodmares and barren mares were moved to our other location on Woods Rd, a few miles from the farm.

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